Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Mr Tibbs Update

This morning Mr Tibbs is acting a lot better. He spent a quiet night and is feeling well enough to even follow me outside when I went to get the post.

I still have to give him charcoal tablets morning and night for 3 days and half a vitamin tablet a day for a fortnight. This morning he’s feeling well enough to refuse to swallow them, a good sign. He will not touch the chicken and rice, and neither will the other cats but he was tempted by a bit of tuna so 2 out of the 3 tablets for today now administered. The bleeding round his gums seems to have stopped too so the early signs are positive.

Hazel then gave me a scare. She hunts most of the night and sleeps most of the day. This morning she was nowhere to be seen. I really don’t like it if my cats don’t check in at their usual times, I didn’t worry much up to now as I’m a long way from a main road (my worry in the UK) but if there is rat poison around and I don’t know where I just have to hope that none of the other cats eat a poisoned rat or mouse.

Edit: Hazel turned up not long after I posted, I guess she had just found somewhere comfortable to sleep. So all cats present and accounted for and Mr Tibbs is now following me around again and curled up on my lap as I write this.


VP said...

I'm so glad Mr Tibbs seems better today - he looks so much like Skimble and something similar happened to him a couple of years ago with next door putting mice poison down. They didn't think that would make it so much easier for our boy to catch a mouse every single day. Luckily he receovered, but your picture of Mr Tibbs looks so much like he did.

I hope Hazel checks in soon - it's such a worry isn't it?

aims said...

Do let us know when Hazel checks in. I absolutely hate that! Our angels here on earth are so precious to us.

Can you find out what neighbour has put down the poison?

dND said...

Hi VP & aims,

Hazel did eventually check in fully fit :-D

Putting down poison for rats and mice is standard practice and it's most likely that the mouse/rat found it's way here rather than the cats finding the poison

Georgina said...

Deborah, at this time of year Patapouf and Dudley have no set routine. Only because of all of this rain have we seen them so much. Last year Paddy went missing for three days, I was beside myself. He had been bitten and frightened off by a feral cat. We found him sick and frightened in a straw store.

We caught the feral in a cage and put him to sleep, very sad as he was Paddy's half brother, he was our neighbours cat who had gone feral after she got three alsatians, so it wasn't his fault. He was however causing mayhem, spraying and fighting. It's not a great life being a tom cat.

I am sure Hazel will check in soon and good luck with Mr Tibbs. Debs x

farming-frenchstyle said...

Glad Mr Tibbs is better and that Hazel has checked in.