Monday, 2 June 2008

Computer Update

Aims a while back commented on weird characters appearing in my posts, something which didn't show up on my screen. While I've not worked out exactly what it is I think it might be something to do with Internet Explorer.

I use Firefox and as I said there are no weird characters or HTML shown where I've inserted Paragraph marks to separate text from the pictures.

However, when I view the page on IE I now see the weird stuff. I'll keep surfing and see if I can find the reason.

I also mentioned a couple of posts back that I was having problems with AVG and AdAware. I finally managed to uninstall them. It turned out that they were automatically loading parts of their programme suites and that was causing the un-installs to fail; both their own uninstall routines and the Add/Remove from the Control panel.

I eventually got rid of them by watching Task Manager and closing them manually each time they tried to reload.

Avast seems to be working well but I will have to find where to disable the 'voice' that tells me the virus database has been updated. The computer is now working so much faster. Instead of 10 - 12 minutes to boot, I kid you not, I could start the computer, put the kettle on, go out and let the chickens out, then make a pot of tea before I got to the point where I could connect to the Internet, it now boots in about 20 seconds. Likewise, when surfing pages are back to almost instantaneous.

Another bonus from looking at Task Manager is that I saw how many programmes were automatically loading at start up, so a quick edit in Services and Msconfig has removed about 10 processes there. Happiness is a faster computer which has resulted in me spending far less time on it.

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aims said...

Hooray!! And here I thought it was just me!

Task Manager - what a wonderful little helper it is!

Gosh you're smart! I need The Man for all of this - well - except for task manager...