Thursday, 5 June 2008

Mr Tibbs Update - 2

All the improvements Mr Tibbs made on Tuesday disappeared on Wednesday, well nearly all and by the end of the day he was a very subdued cat and was again passing a little bit of blood. He had totally lost his appetite, refusing the dried food he loved, the tuna and the special invalid cat food I have and by 10 pm I was really wondering if he would be alive this morning.

Thankfully he was and we’ve just had another trip to the vet. The vet agrees that the bleeding seems to have stopped which is good. Mr Tibbs has had another round of injections and will be going back for the next 3 days for more plus he still has to take the carbon tablets and the vitamin K1 tablets. The vet is quite happy to give the morning tablets for me so I only have to try and get one down Mr Tibbs throat.

So Mr Tibbs is currently asleep under the kitchen table surrounded by water, milk and morsels of food to tempt him. He still is quite bright eyed and reasonably alert when I stroke him but quite obviously doesn’t want to make an effort to do anything other than sleep.

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