Saturday, 7 June 2008

Mr Tibbs Update - 4

I've just telephoned the vet and Mr Tibbs is still with us. He seems to have stabilised again and the bleeding from his shoulder stopped although he is still very weak. While this is not great news it is still good news as it means the healing process can continue.

Not much work is getting done here at the moment due mainly to bursting into tears every so often and keeping fingers, toes and just about everything else I can crossed. I'll be 'phoning the vet tomorrow morning and he will 'phone me if the news is bad.

Right, I'm now going to find something to do to take my mind off Mr Tibbs; he's in the best place for his recovery - we cat lovers get a bit sentimental don't we?


Stew said...

It's harder when the cat is at the vet. When he's home you can keep a check - "still sleeping, good" but when he's at the vet all you can do is worry.
We're rooting for Mr Tibbs, he's still got birds and lizards and grasshoppers that need killing.

aims said...

Oh my friend. My heart aches for you. I am a cat lover and there is something special about these angels here on earth - sent to keep us company and cuddle and purr up against us.

You have got me all teary eyed. I know it has been a struggle to get Mr. Tibbs to be your friend. I'm praying that he isn't taken just yet and that you both have years to share with each other.

Damn that poison anyway!

aims said...

And now I've just spent some time quietly kissing and petting my beautiful Dolly. She is now very wet and I've been going through the kleenex like crazy.

dND said...

Aims, and Stew, thank you again for your concern for Mr Tibbs. It's strange but even though he's not been my cat for very long he's still very much one of my cats.

Last year my 12 year old cat went missing, for a minimum of 4 days and a maximum of 9 days - I was away twice for a couple of days during this time so I don't know exactly how long she was gone. I cried most of that time. I hadn't really though about how much I would miss her up to then. Needless to say she can get away with just about anything now as can the others.

Aims, I do hope Dolly has dried out now :-D If you are a cat person there really isn't anything that can beat snuggling into their warm soft fur. Mine know when there is something wrong and Snowy and Cid have been checking up on me more than ever.

Georgina said...

Deborah, I really hope he pulls through for you, he sounds like a tough guy having lived feral and entire for so long. My cat Sophie died just after we came here. Bob was in England (typical) when I had her put to sleep. I still cry now three years on, it's a very hard thing to deal with on your own. I look forward to meeting Mr Tibbs in a couple of weeks. Debs (((x)))