Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A Post about Posts.

Just a very quick post to say, thank you, to everyone who’s commented on the blog and apologise for not responding individually. We’ve started fencing the 3-hectare field; nearly all the post holes have been drilled by the tractor around the circumference – except for where the ground is so hard it can only get about 6 inches into the ground – but there are still all the inside posts to sub-divide the field to be done. Around 60 of the posts have been tamped in hard so only about another 440 to go! I’ll try and post more when we are not so exhausted, after 10 or more hours working on the field thinking is rather difficult.

The picture below was taken this morning with the first 60 or so posts in place waiting to be tamped in.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Mains Water

Last Sunday I had a visit from the mayor, finally after months of waiting the water board had sent the estimate to connect my property to the mains water supply.

The good news about it was that I would only have to pay 50% of the bill, the bad news was that my 50% still amounted to €15 000.00. The mayor was in shock too; "Bring the signed devis back to the Marie if you want to go ahead" he said and left me to mull it over.

Well after a few days thought I decided that it is just too expensive so rainwater harvesting is the route to go. When I first thought about it last year I realised that my roof is ideal as a collecting area as it large. We have just had a little over two weeks without rain though so I need to go back through the rainfall data I've collected over the last 15 months and see whether that is the longest gap between rainfall and how often it's likely to occur. Then the next few weeks will be spent finding out how much water I actually use so I can go through the calculations on size of holding tank.

Other news is that my daughter, C, and one of my son's, G, and his girlfriend, M, have arrived for their summer breaks so posting will be even more erratic - but then that's summer here in France, as the weather gets hotter time in front of the computer diminishes.