Sunday, 25 May 2008

A’s Week

I’ve been a trifle sad today, I always am when I’ve had to take my children back to the airport but I’ve had a wonderful week catching up with 'A' again. He shares my love of the news and information and being a student has more time than me to read around. I also love having my children here because it brings me up to date with what they think is important in this world.

So we’ve had late nights talking about his year in Singapore and what he hopes to be taking next year and watching videos and the days have been filled with bits and pieces. Going out a few times and pottering round the farm the rest.

We spent a morning going to see the baler and hay turner and OK’ing them.

We spent a day mowing lawns and planting some stuff then 'A' clipped the hedge for me. It’s the first time it’s been fully clipped in well over a year. I tried back last year but it was just too much for me so I’m really grateful that he’s done it.

We’ve had the first of the alpine strawberries that are now fruiting prolifically; the coin is a one-euro coin.

We’ve also built and hung some of the wall units.

Now there is only the corner unit and it’s 2 adjoining ones to go. They would have been done but once the corner unit was built it was obvious that it can’t be fitted round the new electrics and I will have to buy some battens this week and fix it to the wall on those. 'A' has then spent time loading the finished cupboards and generally clearing spaces.

The rest of the time has been spent just ‘hanging out’ or whatever the current phrase may be. I count myself so lucky not only having wonderful children but also being able to spend time with them in what is a very restful situation.


Anonymous said...

I understand completely. I'm always sad when my 23 year daughter leaves. She doesn't come home often because she works 70 hours a week so when she leaves I know she might not be back for six or eight months. When we spend time with her it's quick, usually long enough to take her to dinner.

Those strawberries look incredible!

aims said...

What a wonderful week you've had and I'm glad to see all the work that got done as well. Cupboards in the kitchen - nothing like it is there??