Sunday, 25 May 2008

Rain – Again

It started raining around midday and hasn’t stopped and we’ve already had 30 mm of rain. Still I should count myself lucky as in the south of Aquitaine there has been a hailstorm that left up to 30 cm of hailstones. It’s totally annihilated some of the vineyards in the area and washed out fields of maize.

Today’s rain has come after yesterdays 14 mm that saturated the ground so sadly my new vegetable area has been inundated again.

The ditch can’t cope so has overflowed.

And the field is flooded.

The bottom of the field.

A picture for ‘G’, your hard work last year is holding up well, the ditch is full but it’s still not flooding over the top as last year.

And this says it all; this was taken at the bottom of the new wood field, thank goodness both skin and the plastic clogs are waterproof.


VP said...

Crumbs - what a contrast to your other posts this week. Hope the rain subsides soon and those fields drain away. I think you're sending the rain our way ready for Bank Holiday Monday!

aims said...

I'm astounded at the amount of rain you've had! What is happening in the world do you think?

Now Debs - you're always the height of fashion aren't you?! Plastic clogs and flood pants. Ready in a moments notice for anything!!

Here's a question tho. In the last post - is that your hay turner?

dND said...

Hi VP - I hope you didn't get the rain today and had a great Bank Holiday.

Hi aims - I knew all that watching Sex and the City would pay off. And yes that spiky thing in the last post is the hay turner and it will also put the hay into windrows too. All I need now is the cutter and I can learn to be a haymaker :-D

Debra in France said...

Hi Debs, What is happening with all this rain? Here in the Haute Vienne we have had rain since last Friday, and it is forecast to carry on until the middle of next week. It is bizarre because when I wake up at about 6.30 there are beautiful blue skies, then an hour later it is grey and raining.