Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Elderflower Time

Time with A is slipping by really fast, catching up with all he’s been doing over the last year and discussing the options he’s hoping to take next year but we’ve still been getting on with a few things. A couple of the wall units for the kitchen are now built but I didn’t have suitable screws and plugs to put them up. So today was a trip to get them that we combined with a quick visit to the place selling the baler. The baler is there and it looks fine, a bit of paint worn off as you would expect with used farm equipment but the rest looks fine needing nothing more really than making sure all relevant pieces are oiled and greased. It is being delivered tomorrow along with the ‘turning over’ thing. He also thinks he will have a suitable cutter next week too so hay making here I come.

Today was dry and sunny so an ideal day to pick the elderflowers for elderflower cordial. I made some last year using a recipe from Self Sufficientish and it was really nice. It uses Citric Acid, which you now need to ask for at chemists in the UK since drug addicts now apparently use it. I think it’s the same here too; so I eventually plucked up courage last year and went into a chemist over in the Lot and eventually came out with 90 grams of the stuff. When I need some more I’ll feel a lot more confident going into my local chemist and asking now.

The bush, there is only one in my hedgerow, is flowering prolifically this year so I decided to pick with A’s help (he’s a lot taller than me – well all my children are and have been since their early teens), a few more flower heads and give Hedgewizard’s recipe for elderflower champagne a go. There are still plenty of flower heads left plus some still to flower so there should also be lots of elderberries too this year.


aims said...

I'm so glad that you are having a marvelous time with your son. That has to be very special and memory making.

And I'm glad you got the baler and the turning over thing. I remember driving along with the turning over thing hooked up to the truck and having a great time. My father flagged me down on one turn with a furious look on his face. You have to go slowly! Your throwing hay everywhere!! How did I know? I was a city girl. You'd think he'd be happy for the free labour....

Georgina said...

Pleased you had a good time with your son. Elderflower champagne sounds deeelish!

Debs x Harrowing, mowing and topping today B4 the rain!

Esther Montgomery said...

I've just come across your blog for the first time (via Veg Plotting).

Reading the description on your 'Blogger's Profile' I am left thinking 'WOW!

Reading your post - now I know to stop scanning the supermarket shelves for citric acid! (Did you have to explain to the chemist why you wanted it?)

I made elderflower cordial once. It was awful. Nothing like the delicious drink made by the friend who gave me the recipe. (Don't know what I did wrong!)

Last year, I included a few elderberries with each batch of blackberries. It intensified the colour of the juice and added a 'certain something' to the flavour.

I'm waffling on . . . . but best wishes with everything!

Esther Montgomery

Living the Dream said...

Oh it is SO good to be back reading what everyone has done and is doing. I am hoping to make elderflower cordial this week but the weather has certainly taken a turn for the worse and I know you need warm sun on the flowers to intensify their flavour. Didn't realise I needed to go to the chemist for the citric acid though. Oops, is my french that good?? I don't think so!