Monday, 26 May 2008

The End of Super Mouse

It’s with mixed feelings I’m reporting the demise of Super Mouse. I’ve spent nearly 3 weeks trying to catch him in a humane mousetrap but he was far too quick. I tried larger and larger pieces of cheese rind up to the point of the cheese being too heavy to set the trap. I tried tipping the trap slightly so that the door was only just balanced open but to no avail, each time he managed to get the cheese and get out before the door captured him.

Today I spent the morning with S and P who are just making the final arrangements before being here permanently. They had bought a job lot of mousetraps to protect their house when they’ve been away and they gave me one.

Two hours after getting home and baiting the trap I heard the snap.

The trap is now re-baited, since where there is one mouse there are likely to be more. Much as I don’t like killing them, mice are not something I want running round my kitchen, but I still feel sad and have to admire Super Mouse’s agility to beat the humane trap.


Georgina said...

I can't believe you got the poor little thing. La Pauvre! Why is it you get more mice in your house when you own cats. Mine bring them in and let them go, I'm sure it's on purpose. Debs. x
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dND said...

I felt really bad doing it but it had already spent 3 weeks running over my work surfaces and using the humane mousetrap as a feeding station!

I agree about the cats bringing them in, Hazel does so that she has something to play with later I think plus a snack on tap if she wishes. Generally though they do a good job

aims said...

I can't stand the thought of mice feet on work surfaces or their poo everywhere. Ugh!!

He sounded so smart he would probably have found his way back in even if you had dropped him 50 miles away!!