Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Catch-up Time Yet Again

I didn’t post yesterday for a couple of reasons. The first being that it would have be a rewrite of Sunday’s post on the rain. It wasn’t quite as bad but again the field was flooded. The second reason was much nicer; it was ‘Ladies Night’, when a group of us get together for a meal at one of our houses. Last night’s meal was one that really gelled and we didn’t leave until after midnight.

It went downhill after that though and I then spent a further 2+ hours trying to sort out my AVG virus upgrade. I’ve been a fan of AVG for years now and in the last month or so there has been a pop-up announcing that they would be withdrawing support for the old version at the end of this month and therefore everyone needed to upgrade to the new version. So upgrade I did.

In the words of the Italian captain from ‘Allo, ‘Allo, “What-a Mistake-to a Make-a!”

Having read through a lot of web chatter today on the upgrade it seems that the pop-up isn’t telling the truth and Grisoft (AVG) will support the old version until December. The consensus is that the new version is slow, overcomplicated and bug ridden and is really only a very bad Beta version that users, such as myself, are supposed to test.

I am very definitely not amused, I now have a virus scanner that slows my system, continually shows an icon telling me my system is not protected, will not let me repair it, will not let me re-install it and will not let me un-install it and worst of all will not let me update the virus database. In a word, useless.

So today’s project was to install another virus programme; AVG have lost my loyalty and I am now running avast

Last night’s late night means I’m feeling far to tired to sort out the photos for today’s post so that will all have to wait until tomorrow when I have news of two new arrivals at the farm and oh it seems that my posting of the demise of Super Mouse might have been a bit premature. As I said I’ve been setting the trap as there is always more than one mouse and couldn’t believe it when going back to check it and found that the bait is being removed from the spike and the trap not triggered. This has now happened twice and I’ve set the trap to be as sensitive as possible. This time I’ve tried Gouda cheese as I can get that to stick onto the spike. It won’t surprise me though if it is gone tomorrow and the trap not sprung.


aims said...

Mice are just like a bad AVG aren't they??

Of course I don't have a clue what you are talking about technically - but with the mice....

They have aunts - uncles - cousins - second cousins - inbred cousins...

My advice - put peanut butter on the spike. It works!

Moonwaves said...

Haven't read through all your posts for the last week or so, so apologies if I'm repeating something that has already been said. Rather than using cheese, use butter or chocolate which has been slightly melted. It will then solidify around the little hook and so be more difficult for a mouse to remove.