Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Morning Has Broken

The sunrise this morning was truly wonderful and despite the rhyme there was no rain, although we might get some overnight.

Looking to the west where the moon was setting there was a lovely pink glow on the house on the hill. Unfortunately I only realise when I downloaded the photographs this evening that it’s not possible to make out in the photograph the work I did yesterday. It seemed light enough to the naked eye but the camera thought differently and if I try changing the lightness in the photograph, the colour balance goes so I’ll photograph it again tomorrow in daylight.

Today was taken up by bill paying, ordering the next 166 trees ready for planting and buying this.

I spoke to my neighbour last week who has a mini digger and once he’s finished pruning his plum trees he’s going to come over and dig a couple of drainage ditches for me that will hopefully protect the pump house from the run-off of any deluges. This pipe is to go in where the bridge into the alpaca fields is to go. Mind you I’m reeling a bit at the price, 147€ for 6m by 30 cm. Still it’s less than the vet’s bill I paid and a lot less than the cost of the trees. I keep telling myself that these one-off spends will diminish but I’m beginning to think I’m kidding myself. There will always be something else, that’s the nature of life, isn’t it.


Olive said...

I've said it before, I know, but here I go again,
Your pictures are amazingly beautiful.
YOU are amazing for tackling such heavy work. It seems to me that you live in a very scenic enviroment.

softinthehead said...

Deb - lovely pictures - as always impressed at the amount of work you do. That does seem expensive for a bit of pipe but hopefully it solves your problem. Have you heard from Debs back in YUK?

dND said...

Hi Olive and SITH

I do think I live in a beautiful place, the countryside around here is open but gently rolling and not overpopulated, so I consider myself very lucky.

As for the work, well my body is nowhere near as young as my mind thinks it is so everything has to be taken slowly and quite often spread over a few days if my back gives up.

SITH, I've not heard for Debs for a while, she's probably well into house hunting but I'm sure we'll hear from her soon.

Mickle in NZ said...

I agree - beautiful pictures.

Ordering the next 166 trees - oh my goodness, and here is me me baulking at clearing up just a domestic (semi vertical) garden.

How is Snowy getting on?

Care and huggles, Michelle and Zebbycat

David said...

For your dark photo try Irfanview (it's free) then go to image/colour correction and wind up the gamma a touch. Here it is done http://dbarker.club.fr/P1130004 tiny.jpg

Barbara Martin said...

The seemingly never-ending costs of a farm do come to a slow down eventually.

The photos are gorgeous of the environment you life in.

Debra in France said...

Lovely pictures as ever, but 166 trees!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thinking of buying more fruit trees and bushes, but not that many!

You are inspirational for doing so much work. Well done. :-) Debra xx

Adam Cope said...

lovely photo Debbie

best wishes for 2009

Health, happiness & success with all your undertakings