Friday, 3 October 2008

Another Gift From Debs

As I was leaving yesterday, Debs handed me these:

They are Chayote, also called choko, chaco, xuxu and christophene. These two have both started sprouting from the single seed at the base of the fruit and I’m now scouring the Internet on the best ways to grow these. I will have to plant carefully as they produce a vine that can grow to over 30 ft and work out what to use to support the vines but I’m looking forward to growing them.

Jane Grigson has some interesting recipes using them, Chayote Creole and a sweet of Chayote in Red wine that sound rather nice. Roll on next September.


Georgina said...

Deborah, you need to plant then in pots indoors and then out doors in the spring. We are having some tonight! Yum yum. Debs x

aims said...

Never heard of this. Very interesting.

I've caught up on your last 3 posts and see that you have got your chicks from Debs and said your goodbyes. Oh - sniff!

dND said...

Hi Debs, I've now bought the potting compost so all systems go there. I've also read that you can just leave them on a worksurface to get on with it and plant out in the spring so I might give that a go with one of them.

Hi Aims, I'd seen them in the cookery book I mentioned but never in the flesh so I'm really looking forward to trying them.

I also passed on you good wishes too Debs when I was there.

Mickle in NZ said...

Hello Deborah, been lurking for just a few, wee while via Debs,
Chayote, Chokos to me - very crisp flesh, slightly astringent on the hands. can have crisp, or cooked up with a something, like pears, capsicums, (too bad debs) beautiful bacon. Lovely beings take on flavour from others.

Sending happy thoughts to your new chicks (NZ trans = Chooks, regardless of age or gender)

Vaguely waffling thoughts from me.... do care, am so enjoying your blog, and feeling exhausted and feeble from just reading your daily farming labour.

Sincere huggles, and care, and concern, Michelle in Wellington, NZ

dND said...

Hi Mickle. Thanks you for you kind comments. I'm really looking forward to trying the chayotes.

I love your cat too - My oldest one, Snowy snores too but at least I know where she is

Anonymous said...

Those are by far the biggest chayote I have ever scene (and I have lived in Mexico!).