Friday, 3 October 2008

Cat Food Shortage?

Well only locally and caused by me.

I was feeling pleased the other day when I received a 5€ voucher from a local (well local-ish as there’s nothing really local here), gardening store. The cats were just about out of their food and the price of a 10kg bag has risen to over 63€. So that brought the cost back to around 58€, about the same as it was a year ago, so I duly bought a sack. Why is it, by the way, that cat food cost so much more than dog food?

Then at the beginning of the week I was going through the ‘publicity’, the lists of offers at the various supermarkets delivered weekly by the posrman, and couldn’t believe my eyes. The farming chain was selling the very same at the amazing price of 45€90. That was just too good an offer to miss – so I bought 3.

I may not have much in store for me this year but the cats are in food until the new year.


jimmycrackedcorn said...

Cat food costs more than dog food for the same reason women's clothes cost twice as much as men's clothes. Because they can get away with it.

dND said...

HI JCC - that was my guess too!

Anonymous said...

How do I know when it is time to shop? When the cat food has run out - orthe wine has run out!

Barbara Martin said...

Great brand for your cats. I used it for my dogs last year. It costs more than other brands of cat and dog food, but the ingredients are superior.

I believe cat food costs more because the ash is removed. Correct me if I'm wrong; or is it that cats tend to be more pampered.

dND said...

I am in agreement there FFS, I make do if I've run out of stuff but panic when the cat food (or any of the animals food)is low. I also spend more on the monthly cat food than I do on me!

Hi Barbara. I guess the brand is the French connection as I never saw it in the UK. I was recommended it here by the lady who owns the local cattery and the cats are doing very well on it. I tried cheaper alternatives back in the UK but found that the cats all were better on the expensive stuff.
I think it probable is something to do with cats being more sensitive to rubbish in their food and that they are more pampered too.