Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Two Steps Forward, One And Three Quarters Back

I should expect it since nothing ever seems to be straightforward. I’ve been ploughing, then ploughing and then ploughing some more. G and I managed to get about a third to half the field done before he left and I’ve been trying to get the remainder done. The field is about 5.5 hectares and is outlined in the picture below. My tractor is the tiny dot at the top of the field indicated by the arrow and probably not visible unless you enlarge the picture.

The reason my tractor is there while I am somewhere else is simple. There I am in my own little world, trundling up and down the field when I allow myself the little thought that I am nearly finished. That was the big mistake I made. Never expect to finish anything easily. I glanced up to see how close to the end of the field I was and noticed that the radiator was boiling even though the temperature gauge wasn’t in the red.

A few choice words went through my head sort of on the lines of ‘bother’ as it was late and I wouldn’t have time to get to the shops for suitable coolant and it would be dark before the tractor would be cool enough to open the radiator cap.

This morning I looked into the radiator and it was empty so having bought the recommended stuff I refilled it. So far so good, no fluid gushing out so I set off back down the field. Having got everything warm and pressurised by the time I got to the end I could see the coolant dripping out the bottom of the radiator. A trip to the repairman was in order but having got there I found out that he’s away today so poor old MF is now abandoned at the back of the house awaiting repair.

I’m beginning to think that the field will never be finished.


Alan said...

Tractors. Love to hate them. Maybe you draft animals are a better option. Slower, but they don't need any petrol and they don't have as many parts that break. I've been flirting with the small tractor idea, but so far have resisted. It would only allow me to start more than I could possibly maintain. If I could find one with a brain and hands it might be worth it.

Stew said...

journeys, single step, zen, zen.

Keep at it, it'll get done

Barbara Martin said...

Perhaps a pair of draft horses would be better for you. Environmentally friendly, and built to do heavy plowing. A friend is learning how to drive Percherons before she gets her own.

dND said...

Hi all, I'm not a horse person at all but I have in the back of my mind the idea of a couple of donkeys, it's just that 5.5 hectares (13.5 acres) is rather a big area to plough)