Thursday, 2 October 2008

Many Thanks Debs

Just a very quick post tonight as I’m finishing the day feeling a lot worse than when I started it – hopefully another early night will do the trick. I eventually got to Debs house this morning despite every best effort to delay me; two tractor drivers stopped in the road having a chat, then two car drivers doing the same, then no cars in sight on the lovely long stretch of road but as I come up to the bends and very limited visibility at the end I come up behind a tractor and trailer, you get the picture.

It was really sad to see the house in the throws of packing up but I’m sure Debs and Bob will be happy back in the UK and that’s what counts.

As I said yesterday, Debs was giving me the last 3 chicks she’s reared; so here they are, and aren’t they beautiful.

So many thanks again Debs, hope the move goes well and we’ll all miss you.


Georgina said...

Hi Deborah, it's lovely to see a photo of them, but sad also to part with them. I hope you enjoy keeping them and I am really pleased they went to you.
I'm sorry we couldn't spend more time together, these English lessons are quite a chore to prepare for. We WILL keep in touch, whether it's through your blog or by email or phone. Lots of love Debs & Bob xx

Barbara Martin said...

These chickens have a gorgeous feather combination. Do you know the breed? In Canada I'm used to seeing Shaver Reds and Leghorns; but these look positively exotic.

dND said...

Barbara, The two white ones with the black collars, one hen and one cock, are light Sussex. The other cock is a light Sussex cross with the black laying hens they have in France.

I think they are lovely too but I would also like something other than monochrome in the not to distant future.