Saturday, 16 February 2008

A New Toy

My new toy arrived today, a ride-on mower. I’m increasing the size of the lawn area this year and it will be just too much to do with the walk behind mowers. I will also be able to do the paths round the farm more frequently as well. I had been doing as much of them as I could with the tractor and topper but that combination was really over kill.

I got my practice on the mower this afternoon by going over the field that I hope to plough tomorrow ready to become my vegetable area (where the mower is). In the background is the new paddock area that looks lovely and green but in reality it is quite sparse and we could do with some rain – after I’ve finished ploughing of course.

While waiting for the slight frost and mist to lift this morning and awaiting the mower, I made a start on the kitchen units. This is the first carcass done and I think I now understand the instructions as well. So it's one package close on done, and a garage full still to go.

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