Wednesday, 13 February 2008

A Kitchen, Maybe.

My trip to pick up the kitchen today was reasonably successful. I say reasonably because as I unpacked the car and ticked off the units I noticed that the larder cupboard I’d ordered was down as a refrigerator cupboard. So that will require a telephone call tomorrow to see if it is right or if the wrong thing was selected in the drop down box by the kitchen designer. The person doing the design/order for me knew it wasn’t for a refrigerator as it was being placed next to the refrigerator. Ho hum, nothing is ever straightforward. What’s even more annoying is that the larder unit is the first one I want to build – Sod’s Law isn’t it?

To get the kitchen I set off for the shop with my trusty but tiny trailer. I will add now I have an Espace with all the seats taken out too. Did the warehouse people load the trailer first, did they h**k. I don’t know how but they got all but 4 pieces in the car including the 3 metre lengths (this is where having a passenger seat that can be turned 90 degrees helps). I suggested I came back and do it in two trips. “Non, non, pas de problem” was the reply. They did kindly point out before I departed that the rear wheel arch was only about a centimetre and a half above the wheel and that I should drive back slowly! (No pictures for obvious reasons). I set off for the half hour drive home, taking it steadily. I was worried that the front would be very light and I’d not have much steering but I think the Espace is built on the lines of the infamous 2CV. It’s road holding was fine but I did stick to 70 kph, about 45 mph, so corners and braking were well within the capacity of the car.

The store is just off the Villeneuve bypass and I was about half way round the bypass when I spotted one of the Municipal Police cars on the roundabout ahead. No problem, foot off the accelerator, gently up to the roundabout and it should have had plenty of time to go on its way. I took my exit but couldn’t see the police car in front of me, you guessed; there it was, in my rear view mirror. Trying to concentrate on looking forwards was quite difficult, I was expecting blue flashing lights behind me but at the next junction back to Villeneuve, the police car turned off and I breathed a rather large sigh of relief. The journey after that was uneventful if a trifle slow. Ann came over in the afternoon and helped me unload the car into the garage and I will start work on the first unit tomorrow after working in the prunery.

As I’ve said before all the cats are enjoying their new life here too, especially the unlimited supply of mice in all the fields around here. The mouse diet along with the warm winter has meant they are carrying a few too many fleas and worms for my liking – they should have none. The liquid on the back of the neck flea stuff is relatively easy to put on although it does freak out both Patches and Hazel but the debacle last time when I tried to get worming tablets down the 4 cats was just too much. I’m pretty sure that only one got the full tablet so this time I’ve gone for a combined topical anti-flea and wormer. All 5 cats have been done with practically no problem. Only Patches panicked, I think it’s because the stuff feels cold on her skin. Mr Tibbs barely noticed, he was far to busy eating and having the top of his head scratched. He seems a very happy cat but he still won’t come out of the attic into the house.

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