Tuesday, 12 February 2008

No Trees and a Change of Plan

I must give up planning what I’m going to do each day, it’ seems like an invitation for everything to change. Yesterday, as today, was a ‘no tree’ day. On Saturday I’d received a bill from the place supplying my kitchen. As I wasn’t expecting the kitchen until this week and the bill was for only one unit, I was a bit confused so went to Villeneuve to find out what it was about.

On the way I called in to pick up my defunct pump. Needless to say, it wasn’t there so I will be going back next week. On then to the kitchen store and yes that unit was there and it turned out so was all but one worktop. Turns out that there was a worktop in the warehouse but that had been assigned to someone who ordered his kitchen after me so it was switched back to my order. No, I couldn’t pick the kitchen up there and then as the warehouse needed time to collect together the order so I made the appointment to pick it up at 11 tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if the worktop, and any of the other units for that matter, has been switched back to the other person’s order.

That little fruitless trip took up the whole morning. After lunch I then went over to a local village where someone was selling a ride-on mower. While I don’t need one right this minute, I will require one before the grass gets into full swing. This was too good an offer to pass up so I am now the proud owner of 3 lawnmowers of various sizes and the tractor with its topper! No picture at the moment as it’s being delivered here at the weekend. This is going to be an expensive week.

This morning was back at the prunery and this afternoon I’ve been resting my back. Four hours bent over picking up wood has left it a bit strained but nowhere as bad as before so a great improvement there. This evening I’ve spent clearing out the kitchen in anticipation of getting some units made over the next few days. I’m really pleased I got all the bare rooted trees in, the others can go in as and when I need a change as they are all in pots. That said, I’d like to get them in quite quickly.

Over the last weekend, I’ve started watching my Christmas present to me. I’ve now watched the first 2 series of ‘Allo ‘Allo.* It very definitely would not get past the PC brigade today but some of it was so funny I was laughing until tears were running down my face. I am Officer Crabtree and I do so hope my accent improves soon.

* There is no way I could give a brief summary of the characters or plot so here’s the link to Wikipedia.

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