Sunday, 6 January 2008

Tag, you're it

There is a game of tag being played on the blogs and Jamie at Jamiesmadhouse has tagged me!

The rules of the game are that I have to post a link to the person that tagged me, post the rules - "share 8 weird or random things about yourself" then tag 8 people , with links to their blogs and the game continues.

The first difficult bit is then thinking of 8 things to post but here goes:

  1. I’m reasonably ambidextrous having taught my sister to knit and crochet left-handed when we were children.
  2. I love writing with a fountain pen, I have various different coloured inks and try to get a pen to match the ink colour, sad I know.
  3. I’ve lived in 5 countries, Pakistan, UK, Switzerland, Germany and now France.
  4. I have family in the US and in Australia although when my father died we lost contact with the Australian side as they moved house and we couldn’t contact them.
  5. As a baby I once had my nappy changed by Douglas Bader’s brother – how tenuous a link can you get?
  6. I am addicted to white chocolate.
  7. I wanted to be an archaeologist working in Egypt but decided not to when I realised that it wouldn’t pay and that I would probably get badly burnt – I had carrot red hair when young and skin that burnt if you said the word sun.
  8. I have appeared naked in a Johnny Depp film and yes I did get to see him :-D

This is probably the most difficult bit, tagging 8 more people, as I’m quite new to the blog scene. But here goes in no particular order

  1. Ian and Scarlett at The chickens have escaped
  2. Welsh Girl’s Allotment
  3. Kitchenwitch
  4. Move to Portugal
  5. Musings from a Stonehead
  6. Rhonda Jean at down-to-earth
  7. Hedgewizard
  8. Debra at Us in France


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tag and I still cannot - repeat, cannot, get over you ironing an entire diary. I wonder if that would work for the cardex of sog?

dND said...

I have a sad life really - French TV is on a similar level to UK in many ways. Diary ironing makes a refreshing change. Now back to that lovely bottle of cheap red...