Monday, 7 January 2008

Photo Catch Up

We’ve had a few of days of rain here, about an inch the first day and then half an inch the two following days. Nothing much really but it’s been grey and overcast even if we’ve been baking in a mini heat wave of 15 degrees. I think that the cats have decided to hibernate until summer again as they rarely leave the house for more than 20 mins a day. They’ve all decided to stake out their own territory and in the case of Patches she has two places. Usually she sleeps on a pillow underneath the radiator in the lounge but when I went to photograph her there she decided it was time to claim somewhere else and has moved onto the settee.

Hazel, who is usually beaten up by Patches has claimed a small chair in the lounge as her own but keeps an eye open to see where Patches is.

Cid has laid claim to the cat blanket at the bottom of the bed unless I’m on the computer when he sits on the mouse or keypad while I try to type.

Snowy has declared ownership of the table on top of one of the computer monitors where she can survey what I’m doing and jump back and forth between the desk and the monitor every couple of minutes while I try to type. And as I wrote the preceding sentence, up she came while I wasn’t looking but this time managed to knock over a cup of fizzy drink. Did it just hit the floor; I had moved it to the edge of the table away from the keyboard. No of course not, somehow she managed to kick it partially over the keyboard. This is my new AZERTY keyboard that I had to buy ( and relearn where all the keys are) as I managed to pour a cup of tea over my UK keyboard. Thankfully, this one is ‘spill proof’ and a quick wipe under the keys and it’s looking fine.

Final picture for today – the diary. Not fully flat but more than good enough.

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