Saturday, 5 January 2008

Diary Ironing

It’s funny how different countries have subtle cultural differences, things you would never have thought about. This was brought home to me just before Christmas when I tried to buy a diary.

I like a diary where the day goes across the page; I suppose I like to write long sentences rather than staccato ones. Just about all the diaries I found here had the days ranged across the top of the page so each day went down the page in a thin column. I probably could have found an expensive diary of the type I wanted if I kept looking but as I tend to only use it as back up to the blog and to record the daily rainfall I didn’t want to spend much on it.

Finally I found just what I wanted at Lidl and was really pleased with finding it especially as things disappear from Lidl so quickly and in the case of diaries won’t be back until next years come in.

To my horror I managed to drop the diary into a bowl of water and what was worse, I didn’t notice straight away so came back to find a rather sodden pile of paper. Shaking off what excess water I could, I left the diary to dry on the radiator and returned the next day to a warped and twisted wreck – the diary not me!

So that is why I have spent tonight ironing each page and the cover of the said diary – and I now have a usable diary again – hurrah! So what did you do tonight?

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