Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Rotation Fatigue

Having received my seed order from Suttons I’ve been trying to put together a rotation plan that works for what I want to grow and in the area I want to use. It’s not as simple as I thought it would be. I’ve read about 3-year, 4-year, 5-year 7-year and 8-year rotation plans but none of them jump out immediately as being right. I think it’s something to mull over for a few more days. The best fit so far is a 7-year rotation; potatoes, squash, root, beans/peas, tomatoes, cabbage, onions. I think that I can move the planned polytunnel up the field a bit more and that would give me space for the 7 areas and possibly enough space for a permanents bed too.

I also had a man from MSA (about registering the land for vegetable growing) round today. As I feared there is a slight problem. Until the vegetables are actually growing the land isn’t counted so it still leaves me with 3 months without health cover and not paying into a pension. I think I need to win the lottery again. Yes I did say again, I’ve had 2 wins in the last couple of months; 7€10 each time! The latest win will cover my lottery expenditure for the next 3 weeks. Now if only it could be the jackpot I wouldn’t have to worry about getting health cover.

Tomorrow I’ve an early (for me) start, if I can catch Mr. Tibbs he’s off to the vets, and then he will be allowed to be an indoor cat. Following his addition to the household I become, according to my children, an official mad cat woman, well you can’t have too many familiars can you.

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