Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Snowy And Cid

Stardate 20th April

Snowy and Cid have come to an understanding. Snowy is still the top cat, the matriarch, despite being a much weaker cat these days; she’s coming up to 13 and is really showing her age since her ear operation, here and here.

Cid, even though he really wants to be the top cat, being the only male cat, knows his place. There have been the occasional spats but now most of the time they tolerate each other. So imagine my surprise when I spotted this:

I took the picture really quickly as I rightly thought that it wouldn’t last long. I think the togetherness was due less to friendship bit more because neither wanted to back down from having the seat. Still it was sweet while it lasted.


softinthehead said...

Great to hear from you again - and here was me thinking you had been sitting around twiddling your thumbs!! :)

Barbara Martin said...

Any new animal in a household where there is an older one will find its balance in time. One of my brothers had two cats: one ancient and one middle-aged who liked to hunt. One day I found bits of mice remains that are considered tasty choice bits, often consumed first; but here, were left on the kitchen floor where the old cat could find them including the remains of the mouse.

dND said...

Hi Sith and Barbara :-) It's good to be back too even though there is so little time at the moment.

Cid's been around for 5 years but I think he was just really getting into the testosterone. It was really funny to watch Snowy launch herself into the air for an all four paw attack onto Cid who really didn't know what had happened!

Cid seems fully resigned to being number 2 overall but he now makes sure to spend more time with me outside now that Snowy spends more time sleeping.