Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Making Mayo

Stardate 29th April

Having chickens means that come the spring I have eggs, more eggs than I can eat just as eggs so it was time to expand my culinary repertoire to mayonnaise.

I’d been put off making it before because it seem like a real faff and I would then have egg whites left over and I really didn’t have the time to mess about making meringues. Then I found a recipe for whole egg mayonnaise made in a blender and it’s so simple.

The basic recipe is:
· 2 egg
· 2 tablespoon vinegar
· 2 cup vegetable oil
· ½ teaspoon mustard
· ¼ teaspoon salt

In a food processor or a blender wiz the eggs, mustard (either dried or ready made) and vinegar. Then with the processor running gradually add the oil. Once the oil is added it should be thick so scoop out into a lidded container store in the refrigerator. It should keep for a week.

The taste can be varied by changing the type vinegar or using lemon juice instead along with the type of mustard and oil, so lots of experimenting to be done here. Most recipes I’ve read say olive oil on it’s own is too strong for the mayo but a mixture with peanut or sunflower oil works well. I’m into using white balsamic vinegar and Dijon mustard at the moment which I think gives a taste somewhere between commercial mayonnaise and salad cream.

It’s the 2-egg quantity that’s in the photograph that I made for a group meal but for myself the 2-egg quantity is rather too much for me to eat in a week so I made half quantity. This would have been fine apart from one little problem; it barely covers the rotor blades in the processor or the blender leading to me having a mayonnaise face pack while adding the oil. Good for the complexion but not so good for the kitchen walls etc.

I then recalled reading somewhere a long while back using a stick blender and its tall narrow cup to make it in. The technique here is to blend everything as per above and then blend in a little of the oil. As the mayonnaise starts to form the remaining oil can be added and will rest on top of the thicker emulsion. By slowly bringing the stick blender up you gradually incorporate all the oil. Difficult to explain but if you try it will probably become clear. It worked for me, a one-egg quantity of mayo without needing to wash the walls and a lot less to wash up afterwards too.


aims said...

My mom used to make mayonnaise all the time. You should hear The Man say that word. It's weird.

Why does it say Stardate April.....?

And why oh why doesn't Blogger update when it's supposed to. I miss many posts that way.

dND said...

Hi Aims, Stardate is just me being a bit silly - it's the date on the pictures as these are all back posts. It's to help me keep a log (is that the Trekkie in me again?) of when I did what. So it's probably not you missing blogs, I just haven't posted for 2 months

hand-knitted muesli said...

Hi there 'From Here to Eternity' You can always use all those surplus egg whites to make Friands & if you don't want to use the egg whites straight away you can always freeze them which I'm sure you know. I do agree though whole egg mayo is much easier.

Anonymous said...
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Frances said...

Brill that you have too many eggs - ours have just started laying - very exciting! Thanks for the recipe!

Mickle in NZ said...

Hi Deborah,

thanks for the great tip for using a stick blender. My little food processor is great for me here, but when up with the parents their big one just too big. Now I know an easy way to make mayo for me next time I'm up there.

I use the whole egg method too.

Cuddles and huggles to you and all your gorgeous cats,

Michelle and Zebbycat, xxx

Debra in France said...

Hi fellow Trekkie!!! I have never made mayo, but with loads of eggs ourselves it would make sense to make it rather then buy it. I will definately give it a go. I am really into garlic and sun-dried tomatoe mayo at the moment, and had it last night with jackets spuds (instead of using butter). I just crush a garlic clove and finely chop a few sun dried toms and mix it into the mayo.

Live long and prosper. xxx