Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Vaccinations and Operation

Today, apart from being a dry and sunny day was also vet day. I’d left the cat food low last night so all the cats were hanging round me this morning. The cat-flap was then locked and the cats loaded into the baskets. Cid and Hazel are playmates so they are put together in the double basket while Patches and Snowy are in individual baskets. For various reasons; those two would be very upset to have to share a basket with any of the others. Patches because she’s attacked all the others due to her nerviness so they all attack her now and Snowy because she is top cat and doesn’t see why she should have to share with anyone else.

Today’s trip was for their rabies vaccination. It’s not that we are travelling anywhere but there have been a c
ouple of cases of rabies both north and south of here where people have illegally brought animals into the country that have then turned out to have rabies, plus while there might not be many foxes about they too are carriers here.

While none of the cats were that happy about being bundled into the baskets they didn’t complain much so it was a very trouble free trip and Cid, Hazel and Patches all got a clean bill of health.

So what about Snowy; well I’d been watching a lump on her ear and as I feared it is a cancerous growth. She’s 12 years old and a white cat that loves the sun. I’ve tried sun block on her ears but she hates it. She puts up with it for about a week then she disappears in the mornings and only returns home in the evening. I could put, and sometimes do put, the block on in the early morning but by the time the sun is hot, I know it will be well past effective.

She’s going back to the vet’s on Friday to have the growth cut out so she will lose about half her ear. The growth is unlikely to grow much over the winter but would start to grow again when the sun is back but I though that if I get it done straight away then the scar tissue has the winter to heal. Apart from that she has a clean bill of health too which I’m really happy about.


aims said...

Oh dear. I know exactly what the vet will say when it comes time for the operation. Something about being 12 years old.....

Wishing Snowy luck and quick healing.

Mickle in NZ said...

Poor Snowy - hope it all goes well. I find it challenging taking just the one puss to his vet centre - at 7+ kilos is major effort to get him up my steps. If only the daft darling would stay still in his cage.

Sending cuddles and huggles to you and all 4 cats

Barbara Martin said...

I've been busy and now I'm back. Lots of reading your posts to catch up. Vet shots are so important with your pets. Your poor cat, Snowy; I hope the surgery goes well. My best wishes are sent to her and you.