Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I thought it was rather quiet when I woke up this morning. This was the view that greeted me on opening the shutters.

The temperature hovered between 0 and +4 during the day so most of the snow has gone wherever the sun was able to get although I still have a bit around the back of the house which is in permanent shade during the winter.

What I love about a fresh covering of snow is it lets you ‘see’ things that have happened. For instance, during the night a rodent visited the area where I feed the chickens their grain, probably looking for anything the chickens missed. How do I know? I found this lovely trail; you can even see the line where the tail went.

I’m not sure what type of rodent but looking at the trail the prints are in pairs as though the movement is a series of jumps, each set being about 5cm (about 2”) apart.

The weather people have said tonight that we are unlikely to get more snow but the temperature is due to drop to between –7 or –10°C tonight and is unlikely to go above 0°C tomorrow, so depending on how the roads look tomorrow I may go in to town tomorrow and have a look at what’s in the sales which start tomorrow.


Barbara Martin said...

The bottom photo looks like here in Toronto. Snow and cold in winter helps us to appreciate spring when it arrives. Snow is always good for the ground as it provides much needed moisture when spring does come.

Debra in France said...

It looks so pretty when it snows. We have had a couple of inches here in the Haute Vienne. We had chicken tracks all around the garden and cat paw prints.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you can be stripping off to a T shirt one day and -10 the next. We're still being bombarded on TV about how cold it is now but have they forgotten the winter of '63 and we didn't have central heating then.
Sis x
Bet you're glad you cleared that flue out !!!!

Olive said...

Your pictures are amazing !!
We do have some very cold weather here (in South Australia)during winter, but if it's cold enough to snow, it melts before it reaches the ground. Pity about that, I'd love to see it in real life.