Monday, 5 January 2009

More of the Same Monday

Somehow Monday came and went almost without me noticing. I spent a bit of time clearing some of the tree however I couldn’t keep the fire going and my back hadn’t recovered overnight so I didn’t accomplish as much as I hoped.

After the animal chores I delved into the back of the barn and found the thing to take the kernels of the maize cobs.

The kernels are still a bit moist but it was surprisingly easy and quick to use although I wouldn’t want to be doing 5 hectares worth of maize! What I hadn’t realised was that the machine passes the cobs all the way round so that if it doesn’t completely strip the cobs then you can do it again and you don’t have to retrieve the stripped cobs from the collecting bin below.

I’ve quite a bit of renovating work to do on the set-up. The seat is more than a little rickety, the unit is a bit wobbly and I’m not sure how long it will stay attached to the seat before the wood it’s mounted on breaks and the handle is lose and the wooden bit of the handle very split but it will last a bit longer and then I will have to add it to the repair list.


Debra in France said...

What a fab gadget! I grew sweetcorn a couple of years ago, but it didn't do very well. Stupidly I didn't think of stripping the kernels of the cobs and just put in out for the chooks.

I'll give it a try this year again, I adore corn on the cob, if it deosn't work then the chooks will get a nice treat.

dND said...

I was really surprised at how well it worked too.

Talking of sweetcorn it's really funny how many brits have scrumped a cob or two from the fields around here not realising that what's growing here is animal maize and not sweetcorn. :-D

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also go round the fields after the combine, but can only carry enough in my arms as I usually forget a bag or basket. But, I have to saw, I love the gadget. Something to look for at the brocants this summer. I have a turnip/potato chopper planted up with bullbs and pansy's - the cats love to sit in it as it is in a warm position near a wall.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just another comment - with Prince Harry going through the mill (or corn-stripper) again - are you racialist saying Brits (joke)?

dND said...

FFS, :-D probably so although I've been called a Paki a lot of times despite having red hair and freckles as I was born in Pakistan. I think it's someone just stirring things up - next it will be that you can't call someone from Scotland a Scot or from Wales, Welsh, well not if you are Royalty or a celebrity.