Friday, 20 June 2008

Oh No! Or Words To That Effect.

I'm beginning to think I should retire to bed, put my head under the pillow and stay there. Something has it in for me as far as cutting grass goes.

The mower started fine this morning but after about a minute or so, it began to billow white smoke so I think there is an oil leak or gasket problem there.

I then went off to cut the first lot of hay; it's taken over 4 hours, it always takes me much longer on the tractor than I think it will. But the paddock field is cut so it was back to park the cutter and change to the tedder. The cutter has a transport position so I duly folded it up and locked it into place to get back to the yard. On putting the cutter down, I didn't want to leave the cutter in the up position so undid the locking clamp and returned to the cab to lower the cutter on the hydraulics. Thankfully I was in the cab and there was no-one else around because the hydraulics pushed the cutter from the vertical but did nothing to slow the descent, so it bounced on the drive chain which promptly snapped. ARGH.

So think positive, at least I've finished the first field and as the second one is underwater it would have to wait anyway.

On the negative side, I now have 2 walk-behind mowers, 1 ride-on mower and 1 hay-cutter all hors de combat. Not really my week is it?


Georgina said...

Oh Deborah, Isn't it just "la Vie ici." I was hoping you would get it cut this W/E Bon Courage Debs x

dND said...

Hi Debs - it is isn't it. I wouldn't mind if I got a bit more corresponding good lock to go with it. Never mind, maybe in another life :-D

I should get a bit of hay off the field I've cut, which will probably go straight to the alpacas until they get onto the field. Next week will be get my head round getting the other mowers fixed and probably even getting the tractor in for a service depending on how busy the tractor man is.

I think the problem with the hydraulics is possibly not enough hydraulic fluid in the system or maybe I needed to rev the engine more to get the pressure. It's all part of that great learning experience called life.

aims said...

Oh crap! I was going to say it in a different way but then...

Our field out front takes 2 hours to cut by push mower. I had to help my brother yesterday and it was a beautiful warm day - perfect for cutting grass. Was it cut when I got home? Nope...I think Guitar Hero won out. Now today - it's raining.

Peter said...


As the original episodes of "Joan of Acradia" are playing on SciFi, I am reading your recaps from 2005 for the first time. I don't know very well how to use these these tools to make contact, since by far our most urgent need is to ward it off. But I want you to know that I love the show almost exactly as you and Prof. Frink do. I am professor of Christian origins in an RLS prograj, and participant in in newly created Center for Jewish, Christian, and Muslim relations.

I am not particularly excited in that direction. I am bonding with you totally as I read your recaps each week as Season One of JofA sets in.

I too really, truly love this show.

Peter said...


I am not an adept in dealing with these multiple screens, and security interventions. I feel like I have been around the block three times so far, trying to post something that you might see. I am simply trying to make contact with you, because of my great joy in having your "Joan of
Arcadia" recaps each week as the show replays on SciFi channel these weeks. I am bonding with you in many many ways. Just to put that claim in its right context, I am a professor of Christian origins and the collisions among the revelation experiences of the Peoples of the Book in the First Millenium.

Do let me know if any of this tonight has reached you. I am far too busy myself to be any bother to you. But every time you write "I love this show," I am totally on bonk behind you.

We never will know whether Kevin will get some nerve regeneration that will ever let him dance at his wedding. The ambivalence of the writing in that direction is among the truly great accomplishments of this show. Your sensitivity both to that aspect of the writing, and to the use of music, makes you one of my heroes as a writer. I don't mean just a TWoP recapper. I mean a writer.