Saturday, 21 June 2008

Is Victor Meldrew* in the House?

Either that or I'm morphing into him. My hot shower this morning wasn't - so cue quick chorus of 'I don't believe it'. No switches tripped on the distribution board so it looks like the immersion heater has given up after 3 months. I could try sending it back but I think that by the time I've gone through the hassle it will be cheaper to ask my sister to send me one direct from the UK.

Just what I need with less than 2 weeks to go until my children arrive - so I'm off to connect up the solar shower and hope the sun keeps shining.

I'm begining to wonder 'why me'?

* Victor Meldrew - One Foot in the Grave

PS. anyone else having difficulty pasting into blogger at the moment.


Georgina said...

Oh God, they say it comes in threes. You must be at least up to 5. Debs x

Georgina said...

P.S. Re logger, I'm not receiving notification of comments on my Blog or on those to which I have subscribed for follow up comments!! wierd I thought it was just me. Debs x

chaiselongue said...

Why not get a French water heater - cumulus - they're cheaper than British immersion heaters and available in France.

Glad to have been introuduced to your blog by Kate in Australia!

dND said...

Debs, Blogger has had a couple of 'outages' for maintenance/ upgrades so that might be affecting it , I've also just upgraded Firefox, my browser, which might be giving me cut and paste problem.

Oh and it decided not to recognise my e-mail and let me sign in too!

Re the problems, I've decided to stop counting :-D I keep trying to focus on the good bits - the sun is shining, hay is cut OK still got to get it baled and in the dry but can't do that if it isn't cut and dried first etc. I'm sure it will even out in the end.

Hi Chaiselongue, welcome to the mad house.

The reason I got the UK one was because I wanted a duel system tank so it could be heated by the wood fired cooker in winter. The quotes I got for French tanks were in the order of 3000€ - extortionate! If this fails again I might look at running one in tandem though.

Just had a quick peek at your blog and it look interesting so I will be bookmarking it and dropping by

Deborah x

Living the Dream said...

Hi Deborah, Just catching up while I am at Clare's. Getting ready to come back home on Thursday, we can't wait though with all the rain, I can't imagine what our garden is going to look like!!! You have certainly had your share of problems, I do hope things improve soon.

aims said...

I guess I haven't got a clue about your water heater. I've been so use to American water heaters where you don't ever have to think about them for about 20 years....

I'm wishing better luck for you Deborah. Yours has just been shitty.