Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Another Rainy Day

Well it’s not rained for the whole day but we had 13 mm over yesterday so the ground didn’t really have much of a chance of drying out today and then there has been a little light rain this evening too. It began to look like it was 10 pm not 8 pm, so no late night working tonight.

I did manage to get half the alpine strawberries picked though, nearly a pound/450 g of them. It will be another race against slugs and rain to get the rest picked tomorrow. Today’s batch is on a tray in the freezer as I want to see how well they freeze and more importantly defrost.

It’s also been a quiet day cherry wise too, the cherries in vodka have been shaken and are just beginning to give the vodka a pink hue while the glace cherries are on a day of rest. I may even have them ready for drying tomorrow evening, if not then in a couple of days. They are looking really red and close to what I think glacé cherries should look like. So I’ll get round to posting pictures of the results of the cherry haul when the glacé cherries are done.

Every cloud has a silver lining so the saying goes and the silver lining of the last couple of days is that I’ve been inside and have finally got round to clearing space for my children to stay. They will be here in a couple of weeks and I’m so excited but I’m sure they will appreciate somewhere to lay their heads and put their suitcases. So lots more boxes emptied and homes found for most of the stuff.

Next up will be tackling the loft. It needs all the old insulation removed and then a good sweep and hopefully all the rafters sprayed with anti-woodworm and termite stuff.

On the downside, the vacuum cleaner broke today; well it isn’t actually broken, rather the on switch doesn’t switch. As long as you press the switch it will work so I envisage me hopping round the room trying to vacuum with one foot firmly on top of the cleaner. Since I don’t have carpets I’m wondering if I really need to replace it; it’s about 6 years old now so well into its area of built in obsolescence. The only reasons I might are the cats, I really like to be able to vacuum where they sleep and I like to go over my mattress at least a couple of times a year too.

The ride-on mower has broken as well this week so I’m now wondering what the third thing will be. The car has taken to juddering/pulling back until the turbo kicks in; I think that’s what’s happening it’s at a bit over 2000 revs. I do hope it’s not the car, I was hoping that after 4 new tyres and the timing belt change I wouldn’t have any more major expense on it this year. To be honest I hope it’s nothing else either, so we’ll wait and see.

Tomorrow is dentist day, part of me is happy as I’m hoping that my teeth will be fixed but part of me is worrying whether it’s going to hurt. I think the root is finally dead as it doesn’t ache any more, so with luck all will be OK


aims said...

You could put some duct tape on the on/off switch and just pull the plug on the vacuum when you're done.

I'm wondering how the strawberries end up freezing and defrosting too...let us know.

farming-frenchstyle said...

lauraSorry, even with tiles a vacuum cleaner is a must - sweeping creates so much dust and that settles on the tops, thus giving another job.

We, too, hope it stops raining soon.