Friday, 11 April 2008

Why Grow Your Own?

Well, I felt uneasy about using Roundup before watching this and had misgivings of Monsanto and GM food, well now I’m really worried. If you have time, 1 hour 49 minutes, watch this documentary

The World According to Monsanto.

It really is Food for Thought

PS. For those who don't visit the Down to Earth blog, Rhonda is organising a seed swap. This is one way to try and preserve our right to grow our own food.


Georgina said...

Hi Deborah, I will try and watch the video later. My neighbour told me to throw some old manure on the veg pacth and then put a black plastic sheet (like the farmers use) over the top over winter. I did it and hey presto in spring hardly any weeds. Although I do have grass growing from seeds in the manure. No need for roundup. Thanks again for my award. Debs

VP said...

Hi Deborah - just realised I didn't thank you for your comment about Blogger word verification problems the other day. Here's the reply I've just put on over at my place:

You've found a 'feature' of Blogger, I get it myself from time to time when Commenting on other blogs. Usually the second attempt seems to kick start Blogger back into life and do the right thing. Glad it hasn't put you off commenting.

Have a great weekend!

PS still mulling...

Georgina said...

Hi Deborah, I have a blog of distinction here for you. Fancy some fizzy plonk?

M said...

I lived in both Nice and Paris for a little over a year, going to school. I taught English in a small town between Montelimar and Avignon for about a year. I was amazed at the amounts of red tape. even though our affairs were in order, it took more than 9 months to receive our cartes de séjour. I do love how life moves at a slower pace while there, even if it means you have to wait a week to get the phone to work. Or worse when our furnace/water heater broke Christmas eve. It took forever to work up the courage to talk to the French customer service people.