Saturday, 12 April 2008

Another Thank You

Debs from The Lehners in France has kindly given me a Blog of Distinction award. So a big thank you to Debs as well, I’m feeling really chuffed.

The difficult bit is passing it on, not just because picking out just 8 is difficult but because there might not be 8 people on my reading list who haven’t been sent it already – I really should have checked my e-mails earlier and got there first. So I’m not posting names tonight but I’ll have a ponder and come back very shortly.


aims said...

Congratulations on this award.

Your blog is indeed one of distinction. Your perseverance in the face of everthing amazes me and makes me proud of you...just does.

Now - I come around everyday - at least I believe I do...and all of a sudden there are three posts I hadn't seen before!! I thought - what the hell?? When did she pop these in? But never mind.

I loved the story of finding the old can..and the ABS warning made me a bit nervous. So just some words to tell you I'm plodding along with you! Even though it may not look like I am...must be the time difference...

dND said...

Thanks aims,

Life is a bit hit and miss here at the moment - I'm a little stressed by loads of little things. So finding it hard to blog and have to play catch up. Silly thing is I've lots of bits to write about but just can't get round to doing it.