Monday, 7 April 2008

Cherry Blossom Time

The forecast rain didn’t materialise today and instead we had a lovely sunny spring day. I got another tank full and a half of spraying done but have now used up all the herbicide. Rather than get another bottle and have it lying around only part used I’ve decided to leave the final strip of land and rely on weeding that by hand. It’s about 100 meters by a meter to a meter and a half but I think it will be doable. I then finished off the day by making a start on weeding the first of the herb beds.

The next trees in the succession of blossom in the garden have come into their own, the sweet cherries. This is the sweet cherry on the front lawn; there is another one in the chicken enclosure at the rear of the house. The sour cherries bloomed a couple of weeks ago and are now looking decidedly green, as the leaves are all appearing.

Next up will I think be the apple blossom, it’s already showing large buds just waiting to open. After that I think it will be the quince, not the ornamental but the tree quince. I’m really looking forward to that as the quince flower is really pretty and the poor tree had such a hard time of it last year sitting in a pot on my patio.

I mentioned in the last post that I’d been making starters for a meal and completely forgot I’d taken a photograph. I’d decided on savoury tartlets using home grown or home made where I could. So we had spinach and goat cheese, red onions caramelised with a little honey and a sort of quiche Lorraine made from my home salted pork and of course lovely eggs courtesy of my Lacey Ladies.

Tomorrow I should be back working on Regis’s orchard but rain is again forecast, this time with 80% probability rather than the 20% of today, so we shall see


softinthehead said...

Mmmm those tartlets look good, especially with all those home grown ingredients. Keep up the good work, I don't know how you find the time and energy.

Georgina said...

Hi dnd did you produce those red onions yourself? If so I am very jealous. My onions were rubbish last year as were most of the area and I refuse to pay €4 for a fillet of three in the Ecomarche. Debs

dND said...

I had a pretty good crop and couldn't tell which I'd grown from sets and which from seed. It will be interesting to see how well they do this year. It might just be a case of beginners luck :-D