Sunday, 20 April 2008

Awards Sunday

Time to catch up on awards. It’s always difficult to decide which blogs to send awards, I obviously like all the blogs on my reader otherwise they wouldn’t be there but here goes.

So first a quick return to my Blog of Distinction award from Debs at Lehners in France.

The rules are simple, pass the award on to five blogs that make you laugh, cry, think or sigh.

It was a tough decision, but I have decided that the 'Blogs of Distinction' will go to:

Big Blue Barn West

Breezy Break Blog

Down to Earth

Musings from a Stonehead

Hedgewizards Diary

Then on Friday, VP at Veg Plotting awarded me the E for Excellent award, so many thank to you VP.

I’m passing this one on to:

Dordogne Painting Days

Stinking Billy

The Contrary Goddess

Move to Portugal

Mud Walls and Beams

Clarabelle Sprinkles

Hit Pay Dirt

Seasons Eatings Farm

Farming French Style

Growing Your Own


Anonymous said...

I don't go in for this sort of thing myself, but thanks for the kind thoughts and the mention.

aims said...

Thank you so much Deb! The thoughts and the mention as stonehead says are very lovely! My sidebar will glow with your name added to the award!

Hit Pay Dirt said...

Deborah, you are a sweetheart!! Thank you so much - I'm touched. I've been off on a mini-holiday for the past few days so it was especially nice to come back to this. Thanks againb!


Anonymous said...

Wow..thank you very much :)

Paul and Melanie said...

Aww thanks, this'll be my first award so it's extra special. :)

Adam Cope said...


many thanks :-)

glad you enjoy the painting days

i ilke your new green skin, must be spring time!

happy gardening

all the best


ps- did you see gerard depardieu screw u his daughter's awards?

Living the Dream said...

Wow my first ever award, thank you very much. I haven't done much blogging lately but watch this space, surely I will do something of interest soon!!! Would you believe I have read a book for most of today?? How cool is that?

Clare said...

Thank you so much for my award - my first one!! How exciting
Take Care
Clare x

Unknown said...

Thanks very much - I think - since I'm not sure which one I am. It can't be "think", and I hope it's not "cry". Hmm. Tell you what, I bought some jerusalem artichokes today - can I be the blog that makes you fart?

CG said...

Wow, thanks! And now I've got so many more blogs to check out (sometimes I'm slow, sorry!)

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out how to write the code to insert the graphic into a widget. Thank you for the award! It's a the top of my blog with a link back to yours.