Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Oh So Slow

When I ordered my fuel oil yesterday, I was asked if it was urgent. I said no as I had a couple of days worth left. OK they said, how about tomorrow morning! I suppose if I were out of oil they would have tried to deliver that afternoon. Anyway I was up early and sure enough the tanker arrived at 8:30 so I now have a full tank and am 800€ poorer.

I’ve just looked back through my receipts and when I bought my first lot back in January 2007 it was 59.5 centimes a litre, today it was 89.5 centimes, that’s about a 50% increase over the year. Hopefully though that is enough fuel to cover my tractor usage over the summer and still leave me a bit of fuel for heating going into winter.

The slow part of today was of course the kitchen. All I wanted to do was put the doors and dummy drawers on the sink and corner unit. Three hours later and I’m still not there, the hinges for the door to the corner unit just wouldn’t click together and the door fell off every time I tried to open it. Eventually I took the bit of the hinge that is screwed to the unit off and tried to fit it to the other part of the hinge where I could see what was happening. It just wasn’t clipping in securely at the end; it was a fraction of a millimetre too small. Then I realised that the little arrow that was on all the other similar bits wasn’t on these. A quick sort through all the remaining bits and I found two hinges that again were very slightly different to all the rest. My guess is that these were from a different supplier. When I’d finally matched up the odd hinges with their latches the door decided to stay on. Now all I have to do is get the false drawers to the right height, none of the predrilled holes seems to put them in the correct place. Tomorrow I think, yes definitely tomorrow.


Georgina said...

hi Deborah, we have to order fuel for the hot water in a couple of weeks. Normally 500 litres does us for the year, god only knows how much it will be this time. I don't think any "little" job is ever simple out here. Bon courage. Debs x

Paul and Melanie said...

Don't you just hate it when furnature simple doesn't assemble as it should! You wouldn't have thought it's be so hard to get right yet still everything seems to be a little out all the time! Hope it went better today! :)

aims said...

Grrrrrrrrrr!!! I hate that!!

I hate when you go all the way into the hardware store and back and the piece is wrong or broken already.....

The manufacturers and salespeople just don't care enough anymore. Bet they would if it was happening to them tho!!