Monday, 31 March 2008

Internet Fixed – I hope!

An early start today, well for me, the Orange engineer roused me from sleep at 8 am (7 am as far as my body thought as it still hasn’t cottoned on to the change in hour from yesterday). It turns out I had managed to ‘fix’ the Internet myself without realising it. I thought it was because the engineer who telephoned me on Thursday had done something. However, while I was wondering if the problem was at my house I had decided to run a check myself. I had got as far as plugging the telephone extension to the primary outlet and was about to run the cable all the way across the house again to the computer. I had then answered another telephone call and then noticed that the Internet was working.

Today, when the engineer was here I was trying to explain that it had been working since 10 minutes after the ‘phone call on Thursday. He wanted to see the telephone points and I took the extension lead out and lo and behold, the Internet failed. It turns out there was a capacitor in the socket that had failed, a quick change of that and a disconnect of the external bell that was also attached, and I am 93€ poorer, (fault was on my property) but and it is a very big but, with luck I should have a more stable Internet. I’m not going to hold my breath and am touching every piece of wood I can.

PS Why is it that Blogger always refuses to format the last paragraph when I cut and paste in.


aims said...

I don't know - Blogger is acting very strange today and pissing me off...

Too bad you had to fork over money when you thought you had it fixed yourself...of course they always have their hands out don't they?

It's snowing here - again - this is day four of it - but just light snow...but enough to stay...

Now here's a question - why do I put so many .... ins and - - - too?

:0) you're doing good girl - we all know it!

Living the Dream said...

I often wonder why blogger does a lot of things, my text is usually different sizes I'm sure. Pleased your internet is back to normal, sorry you had to pay for it.
Take care