Thursday, 27 March 2008

Internet Again

After 3 days without any Internet connection and another 4 days before that with a connection that only just worked I am able to log onto the world again. I really missed my morning peruse of the BBC news site and the blog community I read (only 23 blog entries left to read now).

So I hung around the whole day – the weather was lousy too -, and the engineer ‘phoned three quarters of an hour into the hour slot I’d been given. It took him less than 2 minutes to check the line and then announce that the line was fine and that he would have to send someone round on Monday morning to check out the line to the house. So I resigned myself to another 3 days without Internet connection. Complaining just doesn’t work here, if you threaten to take your business elsewhere they just say “fine”, and you find that the service is just the same where ever you go, so the best thing is to just accept. Then less than 20 minutes later the connection starts working again – so I am a happy bunny tonight all be it with a lot of posts to load.

As I was in the house I decided on another baking morning. This time I made some burger buns. The only ones you can get here are slightly sweet and so full of air, they collapse and you don’t feel you’ve eaten anything which tempts me at least to having seconds; not a good idea if you are trying to lose weight as I invariably am.

Tomorrow I’m off to get new front tyres for the car, not an extraordinary thing but one that fills me with trepidation. Nothing to do with getting the tyres but due to Chestnut. He’s decided that the grass is greener, or in the case of the alpaca paddock actually present, on the other side of the fence and that if he tries hard he can just get his head through the wire mesh. The problem is of course he can’t get it back. If I get to him quickly I can usually fold his ears down and push him back through, but if I don’t spot him for a while he lies down. Then it’s difficult to get him to move his neck back far enough to push his head back through.

When he copied Ashan on this trick the other day, and of course Ashan being smaller doesn’t get stuck, I raced out in the rain with the lawnmower and managed to cut most of the long grass along side the fence. Unfortunately it was just too long and wet to cut it right down so I had to use a high cut, but as soon as the grass dries out I will cut it as low as possible.


Amina said...

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aims said...

Are you kidding?

The things we do for animals....sigh....

I'm thinking fixing the hole in the fence might be the next job to do on my list...

You know the saying - when it rains it wonder you don't want to leave for tyres..
and with all that in mind - my blog can definitely wait..

Living the Dream said...

So good to catch up with all your news. Whenever we come back from the UK we bring friends and family packages, it's such fun to do.
The lily of the valley, one of my favourite flowers, I can just imagine the scent now.
Take care, good luck with the alpaca.

Clare said...

Oh Lily of the Valey - I love that smell. Must also be good to have the internet back - don't you just feel like your right arm has been cut off? I guess that might be just me with work also!
The children have just left and a quick half hour of hard slog and the house is back to normal. Bless for Mr Tibbs - work men are scary, but then so are 18 month old twins and a three year old boy.
Take Care
Clare xx

Breezy said...

It took ages for us to get our phone and internet sorted out properly and I have to admit I feel lost without the internet in France.

farming-frenchstyle said...

Have just found your post. Good luck with everything, it must be very hard on your own - it's hard enough with two of you.