Sunday, 24 February 2008

It’s Sunday Again

I think my idea of taking it easy on Sundays just isn’t working. I generally remember it is Sunday half way through the afternoon by which time it’s a bit late. Today was a little different, the weather is due to break from tomorrow and rain is forecast so I wanted to be outside as much as possible.

The aim was an early trip back to Gamm Vert to get the things I forgot yesterday. I’d also acquired another jeton so who knows I might win one of the big prizes this time. The early start was thwarted by a flat battery; I’d managed to leave the ignition (and radio) on yesterday afternoon. So I spent a couple of hours serping the wood on the front lawn while the battery charged.

I just made it to the shop before it closed (it is only open this Sunday morning as part of the inaugural weekend) and bought amongst other things the petrol can I needed. However by now the local petrol stations had closed so I still don’t have petrol for the lawn mowers. Did I win another prize – yes, another packet of the same seeds!

For the afternoon I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to try and that is make crystallised violets. There are quite a few growing in the lawn and they are only going to end up in the grass collector sometime this week. Additionally there are quite a few patches of them around the farm such as these growing in the ditch on the drive.

Having finished the violets I decided to have a look at the fruit I planted over last year. I’m a bit concerned that some of the trees have failed to establish, they don’t seem to be producing buds yet but I shall give them a bit longer. The poor old quince tree that spent all last summer in a pot on the patio does seem to be fine and is already to burst into leaf.

At the top of the fruit garden the alpine strawberries are already in flower, they only stopped fruiting in November. The kiwi fruit plants whose bed they share are showing signs of growing as well. Having bought the extra poles to finish the kiwi supports and to make the raspberry ones I made a start on those. They are only lightly in just using the lump hammer. I’ll get them in properly with the post rammer during the week. Then I’ll sort out the straining posts, put the wires on and plant the raspberry canes.

Finishing up the day, two more photographs presented themselves. Firstly, when I took the lamb granules down to feed the alpacas, I stopped off to get some more hay. Cid decided they were just what he wanted. Cats do have strange tastes don’t they. Snowy is very partial to Cantal cheese, but so am I so she has to fight me for that.

Then on my way in I spotted this dandelion, I counted five flower heads fused into one stalk.


Anonymous said...

Your relaxation Sundays sound a bit like my refreshing naps. I've been informed dozens of times about the benefits of a midday nap on the farm, especially when it's sweltering outside and work in the field is kinda grueling. But I always end up finding other stuff to do. Same goes for taking vacations, "getting off the farm"... I enjoy all the stuff to do, it doesn't feel like "work" (except for paperwork), so I figure, I'm having fun, why fight it?! :)

Living the Dream said...

You have been busy as always. That dandelion is amazing. The trouble with Sundays is, all the days merge together so we don't know one from the other any more, but who cares?? Take a day off when you need it. How did the violets turn out, sounds fun

dND said...

Hi Mike,

It is a bit like that, I do enjoy being here so it's not difficult to get carried away. But I am really going to try and do things I want to do on Sundays. I suspect though that as my growing season kicks in then that will go by the board and it will be things I have to do. But I like growing plants so no hardship.

I did manage to get into the habit of a siesta last summer. It was just too hot for me and I burn quite easily (redhead in my youth), but I was getting up earlier and working later as the temperatures were cooler then

VP said...

You have been working hard!

Our cat Jess loves cheese too - and I have to leave her the last mouthful of milk from my cereal bowl each morning, otherwise I'd never get any peace!

dND said...

Hello Hazel,

The dandelion is different isn't it, I think I will mow round it so it's safe until it starts to set seed.

The violets are still drying as I don't have an oven or airing cupboard. I had them in the mini plastic greenhouse over the day while it was sunny and they are getting there.

They still look very purple, not very violet shaped but they will look lovely on white or pale pink icing. I can see those iced fairy cakes already. Roll on the delivery and installation of my cooker.

dND said...

Hi VP,

The cats always know who really is boss and it's not us humans is it.

I'm looking forward to your RHS seed growing, you will blog about those won't you