Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Bits and Pieces II

The last few days have rather rushed by and left me thinking "what did I actually do"?

Monday was a treat and I saw some friends, S & P before they make a quick trip back to the UK. It’s always great to see them. Then, as I was more or less in Villeneuve I did the shopping trip. I have a lot of expenditure this month and next and probably through this year so have been trying to do my best not to waste money.

I read some of the blogs on the MoneySavingExpert site and put what I can into practice. The best way I have found to not spend is not to go to the shops at all but eventually I have too. I always spend more than I think I’m going to, as there is always something that’s come on offer and I will need soon. In this case it was an electric jig saw.

I’ve been pondering how to cut the new kitchen work surfaces. I can’t cut an even vaguely straight line with a hand saw. I have an electric saw but that is quite heavy and while the line is straighter it’s still not good. I hope with being able to get directly over the cutting line with a jig saw I will obtain a straight line. So that was 30€ of unexpected expenditure, still it is cheaper that a new piece of work surface.

One of the tips on the MSE site is to keep a spending diary. It’s surprising how the small amounts all add up. Monday’s shop was at two grocery shops and also included petrol for the lawn mowers and cultivator plus a tank of diesel for the car – ouch! A grand total of over 200€. And that was in addition to the spends at Gamm Vert over the weekend. Still that should be the cats, chickens and me in food, apart from a bit of fruit, for the month and the alpaca granules should last well into March. I just need to stay out of the shops for a few weeks. :-D

Tuesday morning was spent as usual in the plum orchard and Ann and I have finally finished the last one. Hurrah! We’ll now start on the remains of the oak trees; we’ve about 8 weeks or so until the fields are required for the cows. It is good to see the wood stacked and I’m looking forward to preparing my first major wood store.

Back at the farm I finally connected the downpipe to the water butt and the 2mm of rain we had overnight has half filled the butt. Work on the kitchen is also progressing albeit slowly. The first two units are made but before I can make the next run of units, I have to paint a wall in the ‘summer lounge’ (the coolest and darkest room in the house), and then pack the new cupboards in the kitchen with the things on the Ikea shelves in the kitchen. Then I have to move the shelves to the painted wall in the summer lounge and paint the newly exposed wall in the kitchen. Then the units can be made. It’s a bit like a giant puzzle but progress is beginning to show.

Well goodness knows what this will look like when published, Blogger is showing one thing on the compose screen and something completly different on the preview. It's then failing to load and resetting everything on the compose screen again.

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