Thursday, 28 February 2008

Back with the Prunes

Well, Ann and I thought we would be starting on the oak branches today but Regis decided he had time to prune another orchard as we had cleared the other so quickly so the oaks will wait till later. With luck this orchard will only take another couple of weeks – we only clear two mornings a week.

The promised rain tried to come down at lunchtime but after a couple of drops gave up. I took the bonus of a dry afternoon to cut the new lawn area below the house again. It was quite quickly done with the ride-on mower and I also managed to do most of the area at the back of the house and round the new vegetable field too. I’m really pleased with getting it done. I still need to use the hand mower to get in amongst the tractor implements but that shouldn’t take too long.

Twice over the last few days I’ve found an egg laid in a nest in the straw on the floor of the hen house. It’s larger than the other eggs I’ve been getting so I thought that another hen had started laying. I was still only getting 2 eggs every other day and 1 egg on the intermediate day so I wasn’t completely sure. However today it was confirmed as not only was there the egg on the floor but 2 eggs in the nest box. Spring must be on its way.

Today had a lovely finish with a girl’s night in at Ann’s with 3 other friends. Wonderful food, wine and really good company, it was a delightful evening. Somehow 4 hours passed in what felt like 2 so we really must do it again.

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