Sunday, 30 December 2007

Road to Recovery

Today I finally I felt well enough to eat so I guess I must be pretty near recovered so tomorrow it will be back to work and try to catch up on the time I’ve missed. I have a long session cleaning out the alpaca field lined up for tomorrow, oh joy.

A picture from the run up to Christmas - my first attempt at baking using the microwave. The results were pretty good even if the space was very restricted. In the bowl on the right is one of the Lacey Ladies eggs and the yolks really do give that colour.

The large lemon tree in the lounge continues to flower and the paintbrush has done its work. You can just see the embryonic lemon at the top. The picture was taken in the morning and by the evening the flower bud at the bottom had opened too. There are now 6 flowers open at the moment and all being hand pollinated twice a day. It will be interesting to see how many lemons it will carry through to the summer.

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