Tuesday, 14 June 2011

May 2011


DSCF0041 tiny

Cherry time!  This year nearly everyone here had a bumper crop including myself.






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While wandering around near the pond I found another bee orchid with a slightly different pattern to the one in the garden.

It’s now marked and I hope it will flower again next year.





11/05/2011 & 12/05/2011

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While clearing out the barn I decided to get rid of a bin of old wheat.  When I opened the lid I found some very surprised mice.


DSCF0051 tiny

They all buried their heads in the grain bar the look-out mouse.

DSCF0055 tiny

I carefully emptied out the bin and there were 12 mice living in there.  I think they were trapped in there a the lid was firmly on.






Jewel brought in another friend, a western whip snake as before but a bit bigger this time.



DSCF0059 tiny








DSCF0061 tiny

A walk round the pond revealed the headless corpse of one of the moor hens from the pond.  I’m now wondering if I have a mink around or if something else killed it.




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The hayfield was also ready for cutting over the weekend but I’d not had a chance to check out the baler but was able to get someone else to cut and bale for me this year.





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This year I scaled down the collection using the small tractor and the large trailer rather than the hay waggon.  When I used the hay waggon a couple of years ago I ended up having to use the kitchen steps to get up onto the waggon and then had to leave a gap in the bales to enable me to stack the bales.


DSCF0070 tiny With the trailer I could get around 22 bales on at a time from ground level.  So while it seemed like a longer process, it was actually much quicker.

The first load was used to build a set of steps to reach the hay loft.  And before long the field was half done.




DSCF0071 tiny

The field as cleared and stacked the next day with a little help from neighbours J & C and I helped them collect and stack their bales.





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Today was designated a cherry picking day







DSCF0075 tiny

And yet more cherries!







DSCF0081 tinyMeet the new additions.  This is Pandora with her cria Brandy.






DSCF0087 tinyWhile this is Tabitha with her cria Bethany.  Missing from the photos is Mr Frizzle.  They are the start of my Suri herd and I travelled up to Brittany to collect them and while they were there they ere entered into a show.




DSCF0135 tiny

And this is what I came away with.  Brandy, Bethany and Mr Frizzle all won their classes and Brandy went on to be Reserve Champion Suri Smile


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your beautiful alpacas! :) Those cherries look amazing. So glad you're continuing to post. I've been a follower for quite some time and am so inspired by you and your farm. One day I hope to have alpaca and cherry trees, too (but you can keep the snakes and headless critters ;-).

Paul and Melanie said...

Good to see you back blogging! :)

Great looking cherries too and those alpacas are sooo cute! :)

farming-frenchstyle said...

You certainly have been busy. And the alpacas are gorgous.

Mickle in NZ said...

Wow, you've been busy. So good to see how things are changing and progressing through to summer. I'm drooling over the cherries - here they are a Christmas treat (Mother Nature willing!).

Sending caring huggles you you, dear D , and all the cats,

Michelle xxxxxx (with Zebby snoozling in the background under his battered and beloved quilty)