Tuesday, 14 June 2011

April 2011


DSCF0013 tiny

April started with Jewel bringing home a new playmate.  It’s a juvenile western whip shake which played dead on the kitchen floor but once out in the sunshine moved so fast I could only just photograph it.


DSCF0018 tiny

I started work on the new garden area – the weeds are yet to germinate though.



DSCF0020 tiny



And May Day came a month early!






DSCF0022 tiny

Time to make a few more garden stakes.






DSCF0023 tiny

Wood preservative goes on and in the background a rose arch for the garden.

DSCF0024 tiny

Cutting up a barrel to make a couple of small ponds.

DSCF0026 tinyDSCF0025 tiny

And the pump house before it gained it’ living roof.





DSCF0027 tiny

Clear blue skies, a portent of the drought to follow and some newly spun yarn hung up to dry.


DSCF0034 tiny


DSCF0038 tiny

Living roof in progress.








DSCF0040 tiny

And in place.

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