Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Only in France!

You just hae to love living here:-



Alan said...

I wish that mayors in the US were brave enough to take even that much of a stand. It's ubsurd, but at least it is something.

softinthehead said...

Where is everyone? Nobody seems to be blogging more. Well not my favourite ones, i.e. you and Debs Lehner. Did you ever here from Debs after she moved to the UK. I loved the quirkyness of her blog and I love to read about your life in France. Are you just too busy?

farming-frenchstyle said...

What has happened to all the bloggers? I come back and nobody is there.

dND said...

I am around - just a bit preoccupied and then got out of the habit of blogging. Must make it a New Year resolution to get back to blogging.

Happy Yule, Christmas and New Year to everyone.xx