Friday, 23 January 2009

Picture Catch-Up

First a couple more pictures of the flooding this morning – the little brook that runs along the bottom of the slight valley just couldn’t cope so water meadows were the order of the day.

There is a mega storm forecast for early tomorrow morning too so more rain plus 70 mph winds – oh joy, I think I’ll keep the shutters bolted, thankfully there are no longer any tall rotten trees to fall on the house. There are also warnings of power/telephone failures due to trees falling on lines.

So what have I been doing during this last week of blog silence? It’s been lots of little things and time-consuming things. I did some baking as I had lemons to use up and the bananas I’d just bought had been in far to cold a place and when I got them home and they warmed up they went soft. So I now have lemon cake and banana cake. If anyone is wondering, there is no added colouring in the lemon cake, just free-ranging chicken eggs.

Time has also been spent going to the tree nursery, ordering and then two trips collecting the next batch of saplings. There are only 166 this time and I’m really hoping that having ploughed the ground I should be able to plant much more quickly than last years.

A rainy day earlier on and I decided to fit the oak workbench. It didn’t need a lot of work, battens on the wall and the other workbench cut back to give it room. Once I got started I realised that I had to cut out a section for some pipes; that was tough going, while the workbench might be made out of bits of oak, they are solid bits of oak, really tough and the bench its self is really heavy. So here’s just a selection of the tools.

The circular saw is on the floor having already trimmed most of the workbench by the sink. It could only get to about 4” from the wall, and then it was the turn of the jigsaw. That got to about an inch from the wall and then it was the handsaw. Having got that done, I set about the small cut-out for the pipes. Thankfully I had a corded drill as my battery one would never have had enough power to drill the guide hole through the worktop. The jigsaw took out the bulk but it still needed rasping and that felt like it took forever especially as despite my very careful measuring I hadn’t realised that the two walls weren’t at right angles.

Why I thought this corner would be a right angle when the other corner that gave so much problems putting up the corner cupboards wasn’t I don’t know. So a little trimming and a little bodging and it finally fitted and had its first coat of oil, just don’t ask how long it took, I really don’t want to think about that.


aims said...

It looks fantastic Deborah!

Perseverance. Wow.

I just heard we are putting down a floor this weekend in my knitting room. That means I have to empty it before that is going to happen. I know exactly what is going to happen when I do. I'm going to find this and that and get all excited and my rest and relaxation is going to go right out the window. Fun!

Barbara Martin said...

The wood really shines once you put on the oil. Very nice, Deborah.

Mickle in NZ said...

What beautiful timber. You've done a great job. It looks like a really good place to work at in your kitchen.

And I've enjpyed reading your posts as you've refurbished your kitchen - are any of the walls "square"?

Stay safe and warm during this nasty storm you're getting, huggles, Michelle (yep, and Zebbycat)

softinthehead said...

Well done - you are a woman after my heart. I wish I could have been there to help, I bet it was exhausting work as it is probably very heavy. But it looks great :)

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Deborah - have just been reading the BBC news reports of the storms over your way. I sincerely hope you and your animals and your chooks are all okay. Those storms have been very nasty.

With care and concern, Michelle. (Zebby is purring for you, he is a very loud purrer)

Unknown said...

You have done a great job! Please send some of the rain our way,,,drought here,,,I have to have grass hay in feedbins on hand all the time for the alpacas as we have no pasture to speak off,,,

I am in Tasmania, yet in northern queensland they are being flooded,,,crazy weather

I am inspired by what u r doing...go girl :)