Saturday, 24 January 2009

And The Wind Did Blow

And blow, and blow, plus another 20.5 mm of rain to add to the 39 from yesterday. Added to which the power went out at around 8 am but was back on at 2 pm – I was battening down for the day without electricity as the winds haven’t let up so there must be some pretty tired people out there battling away to restore the power.

Link to BBC report here.

Last night we were just on orange alert but it’s been upgraded to red alert this morning – now I’ve got onto the computer. Apart from the wind coming in off a depression in the Atlantic, there is another depression coming down from the north and that is bringing much colder weather so possible snow flurries and ice.

The farm has taken some damage; on the windw
ard side roof tiles have been lifted so rain is pouring into the rear storage area. I’m hoping that it won’t get much worse or it might start to affect the lived in part of the building. It’s far too windy to risk going up to try and fix the roof.

Down by the pond I have 3 young poplars that I thought would be fine. Wrong; when I looked out this morning, one of them had snapped and by lunchtime a second had also snapped and looks like it’s fallen onto my tedder, which is stored down there. I’m really glad I wasn’t tempted to go and look at the damage after the first tree came down and yet again I’m so glad that the 3 over large and rotten poplars round the house are down.

Elsewhere, the large plastic patio table has had the centre section broken – I tried removing the parasol but the base has swollen into the holder and everything was just too heavy for me to do anything about. I do now realise why wooden furniture is so popular here.

One of my wild cherry trees has also taken a battering; it’s not that tall so I was a bit surprised to see it leaning but the ground is so waterlogged, I guess it just couldn’t hold on well enough.

The chickens stayed in when I opened up this morning but when I went to give them their grain at lunchtime some of them decided to venture out – or rather ran past me. So I hope they are feeling strong or goodness knows where they will end up. The roof of their hut is also taking a battering and I’ve had to weight it down with more bricks. So still here at the moment and waiting to see what the rest of the day brings.


softinthehead said...

Your bad weather has even made it onto our Weather Channel here, looks like lots of people are without power so fingers crossed you manage to keep yours. I must be soul destroying to see the damage to your hard work. Hang on in there - I guess it is indoor chores for the next few days :) Somehow I don't see you sitting around with your feet up me!

Anonymous said...

Hope you make it through the bad weather without any further damage and that said damage is easy and cheap to sort out !!

Shaz mum of 2

aims said...

Keep repeating - 'There's no place like home - there's no place like home'. And for goodness sake - don't wear your red shoes!

Anonymous said...

Really happy I was able to speak to you this evening....if i remember correctly it was the Wicked Witch of the East who was wearing the red shoes and that my dear sister was all we got to see of her. As I have already been given the title of WW of the West I would suggest you take lots of care. xxxx

Barbara Martin said...

Sorry to hear about all the wind and rain you're getting. Hang in there.

Debra in France said...

We have been hearing news of all the bad weather. Luckily for us it is further south than us here in the Limousin. Sit down and take care. Debra xx