Thursday, 25 September 2008

Preparing For Winter 2

Well, some of what I hoped to do yesterday happened. I did get the pump field mown although it took much longer than you would think from the size of it due to the deep ruts left from where I got bogged down in it at the beginning of the year.

The wood arrived too but isn’t yet cut. We off-loaded it into the barn and I will start cutting it when the weather breaks, this spell of good weather is far to valuable to waste on cutting wood inside a dry barn.

So yesterday afternoon I continued with the pottager a
nd also lifted the last 3 metres of potatoes.

Today it was back out again to the pottager. It’s slow work but I am making progress and the pile of weeds for burning is getting bigger and bigger; I’m just waiting for a breezeless evening to get that done. The weeds are mainly seed heads with a lot of couch grass and lesser bindweed r
oots, none of which I want on the compost heap.

I’ve also started lifting and drying the gladioluses. I didn’t do this last year and as a result lost all of one variety and a few of the others. Those that have survived look pretty good though and have produced lots of little bulblets for growing on.

The cabbages haven’t fared so well though, something has been eating them from the top down – don’t you just love slugs and looking at the outer leaves it looks like the caterpillars or something have had a feast on the leaves too leaving just the lacy veins. Part of tonight’s ‘work’ will be finding recipes to deal with a dozen cabbages.
Sto Lat here I come!


aims said...

Well it makes a rather interesting picture (you can tell the slugs that next year)....

I've got nothing like that to show Deborah - just knitting....ah well.

Barbara Martin said...

Do you can your vegetables and fruit? If you do, are there recipes?

dND said...

Hi Aims, I have to do something about my slug population- like clear the weeds :-D I must pop in again at your knitting site and convince myself to find some time for craft work again.

Hi Barbara, I'm just getting into canning/bottling as an alternative to freezing so no recipes as yet but I will post what I finally do with the cabbages.

Anonymous said...

That looks like the dreaded flea beetle eating your cabbages - I know this because they did the same to mine. They eat most of the brassica family particularly rocket and oriental leaves. They are tiny black fleas which will jump off if you tap the leaves - then they jump back when you're not looking!
I'm still looking for a solution.

dND said...

Thanks for that anonymous, I've found this site
so I'll be trying the grease trap next spring. I wondered why my rocket always was full of holes too.

Georgina said...

Hi Deborah. I'm sorry your cabbages didn't fare well. All of my cauliflowers went up to seed as did most of my onions. I suppose practice makes perfect and I hope you have a better year next year. Do you have a log burner or open fires? Debs x

dND said...

Hi Debs. Same here with the cauliflowers so yes I hope next year is better. I'm hoping to get the log burner installed in the next month or so and have the wood burning cooker in the kitchen waiting fort the colder weather.

As for the cabbages, I think I'll have a go at sauerkraut.

david mcmahon said...

My first visit here, through the Lehners. I'm sure you'll find some great recipes.