Tuesday, 23 September 2008

My Winnings

Back in the mists of time I mentioned that I won a prize on the raffle at a trip to Eymet for the wine and oyster fair there. Here are my winnings: -

Boy am I looking forward to these.


Barbara Martin said...

Are you going to have roast potatoes with your duck? Yumm.

aims said...

Wow Deborah - you've thrown up a bunch of posts since you came back!

I've just finished them all and was worried sick with the thought of injecting the alpacas too...but a job really well done. How do you feel since you've been dewormed?

I've never seen a glow worm. Had no idea that they exist. Sounds something like a firefly.

Your life continues to amaze me as you do too!

Still think of that cute alpaca thing I found on Etsy!