Monday, 27 February 2012

A Spring Sunday in the Sun


Sunday here was glorious; a clear blue sky and sunshine so it was time to go outside and play.  I had a pile of wood and a recently purchased climbing rose…..

DSCF0416 tiny

The rose tower, which is currently in the process of being painted with a wood treatment is 2m high and 40 cm square and hopefully will be sturdy enough to carry the rose.

Behind it is one of the two large fruit harvest boxes I purchased last year.  A friend of mine told me about the boxes and said they were around 60cm square and 50 or so cm high so I reserved a couple.  When I went to pick them up it turned out they were quite a bit larger that she had said, they are approximately 1m x 1m20 x 75cm.  In fact, having got them back home I realised they were really far to large.

My daughter, C, spent part of her holiday here last summer and spent part of it repairing the cases and painting them with preserver but since then they have languished outside as I had no idea what to do with them – they were to be small planters for a patio. 

I finally decided something had to be done with them before the grass started growing again and they would be in the way of the mower, and while walking round them I realised that with the addition of four more pieces of wood, I could cut them in half horizontally.  The top piece is destined to become a garden border into which the rose tower will be set while the lower piece will become a planter somewhere in the garden.  I will probably use one of the planters to give some height in a border and the other I am thinking about using as a peat bed so I can indulge in some acid loving plants in my limestone based garden.

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Mickle in NZ said...

Wow - you are well prepared for the rose to grow. What a great idea for the fruit boxes - you get a double use from each. I hope your Spring starts soon and is kind to you,

Send love, care and huggles, with a cuddly snuggle for each feline (Zebby is sound asleep so can't see my treachery, lol),

Michelle xxxxx