Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pre-Christmas Catch-up 1



PB260017 tiny

As November progressed, the next 2 cu m of wood was bought and needed cutting and splitting.  Since the weather here is generally OK until February I stacked the wood in the barn so I could cut in the dry – my assumption proved wrong as I’ll blog later.

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Once cut to length, many of the pieces need splitting; I’ve tried axes and wedges and it takes me far longer than cutting and exhausts me before I’ve barely done enough wood to last a day.  However this year I was lent this tool by G, a neighbour. 

PB270001 tiny

When he’d gone looking for a manual log splitter he’d been told this was ideal for ‘older people’!  I have to say it’s really easy and effective to use and have now purchased my own.  I’m also hoping it will trim my bingo wings too.

When in the dim and distant past I had the solar tubes installed I saved the polystyrene end pieces they were packed in.  Trimmed of the excess at the bottom which also allowed a drainage hole to be created they are now in use in the pollytunnel as plant modules.  Again, due to the unusually damp weather I couldn’t plant the garlic in the potager but it’s sprouting nicely in the modules in the pollytunnel and will now get planted out in March.  I may have to consider planting the onion sets in modules too but they usually do OK if I get them into the ground in March/April.

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